Indian children born abroad -- RSS and Vivekananda

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Tue Dec 22 03:33:26 UTC 1998

About Swami Vivekananda:

Hindu Student Council, VHP, BJP, and RSS leaders frequently quote Swami
Vivekananda. But they rather misuse him - because they do not ever bring up
his words that are not comfortable to them or suitable for their
hate-doctrines. For example, Vivekananda said,

"Our experience is such that if there is one religion that followed true
socialism, that religion is Islam.  Therefore, we strongly believe that
Vedanta, without the help from Islam, is meaningless to mankind. We want to
take humanity to a goal where there is no Vedas, no Bible, or no Koran. For
our country, a combination of Islam and Hinduism is the only hope."
(Collection of letters - translated from Bengali).

Vivekananda said, "there will be a time when the Shudras will rise with
their Shudra identity." He said, "this rising sun has already showed its
light in the West. Socialism, and other such  philosophies, in other words,
the complete destruction of the state-sponsored status quo is indeed the
pioneer of a future social revolution." [From, Bhupendranath Dutta (Swami
Vivekananda's brother), Swami Vivekananda]

Vivekananda's disciple Sister Nivedita was one of the foremost leaders of
Indian armed revolutionaries. She, with help from Bhupendranath Dutta (a
leading socialist activist-scholar), Barindranath Ghosh, and Aurobindo
Ghosh first established socialist revolutionary groups in Bengal for armed
struggles against the-then tyrant and colonial British government.

The so-called Sangh Parivar never mentions these facts either.

-Partha Banerjee

>"Then and then alone you are Hindu when the distress of anyone bearing that
>name comes to your heart and makes you feel as if your own son were in
>This was said by Swami Vivekananda in one of his lectures printed in the
>book "Lectures from Colombo to Almora". Swami Vivekananda is considered an
>ideal freedom fighter. In fact, there have been several bauddhiks
>(spiritual discourses) wherein time and again it is emphasized Ramakrishna
>Paramhamsa, Swami Vivekananda and Guru Aurobindo Ghosh have been
>instrumental in the re-awakening of the spiritual theme of dharma that
>flows through India. In fact the word Hindutva itself is defined as the
>"defence of Dharma". This is no sham as might be pointed out later by some.
>The RSS actually inculcates these values through its branches and camps.

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