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Kamban wrote the Tamil Ramayanam in 9th or 11th century AD.
One of the greatest pieces of world literature. For
a 10% translation and a historical introduction, see
G. Hart, The Book of the Forest, AraNyakANTAm of
Kampan, Univ. of California press.

It is of note that
When Hanuman meets Ravana in his court, he talks to
Ravana in vaTamozi (Northern language) whereas
when Hanuman meets Seethai in the forest of Asoka trees
he comforts her in chaste Tamil to tell the news
that Rama will come soon to rescue her.
(Told to me by an Annamalai univ. Professor,
I have to check Kamban.)

What a difference with:
1) R. N. Dandekar saying Ramayana is a story
where Northen noble Arya goes to civilize
the uncultured Southern Dravidians.
2) E. V. R. Naicker saying that Ramayana is a story
describing how Dravidian leader, well versed in
music and a devotee of "Siva, was cunningly
defeated by Northern Aryans.

These views are their own, not mine :-)

N. Ganesan

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