'Siva and Avalokite'svara

Roland Steiner Steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE
Mon Dec 21 11:05:59 UTC 1998

On 19 Dec 98 at 12:54, John Dunne wrote:

> To add a bit to the 'siva / avalokite'svara fray, I though I would
> send in the following draft translation of the
> *Sarvaj~namahe'svarastotra*  of Udbha.t.tasiddhisvaamin  (Mtho btsun
> grub rjes, possibly also known as Mudgaragomin).

See also: Johannes Schneider, "Der Buddha als der wahre ;Siva.
Udbha.tasiddhasvaamins Sarvaj;namahe;svarastotra", in: Berliner
Indologische Studien 8 (1995), pp. 153-187 (contains an edition of
the Tibetan text together with a German translation).

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