The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

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Thanks to Dr. S. Palaniappan for pointing the biases
of Annie Besant & company. She, Madam Blavatsky, etal., -
Their views on Aryanhood must be well researched.

Her (and her friends') collusion with the Madras Brahmins
who were monopolizig the Lawyer profession led to the
Dravidian reaction to form the Justice party.
E. V. Ramasamy Naicker left years in Congress
to join Justice party later to protest the Brahmin
domination in professional education and jobs

It is significant that Dr. Subhash C. Kak, a leader
among the Indigenous Aryan school writes often in
Brahmavidya, Adyar library bulletin. ALB is
a Theosophical socitey production, supported by
the Central Govt.  Kak's important writeup, denying any
distinctness or independence to Dravidian
languages  from Sanskrit, appeared in Adyar Library Bulletin.
The reference (Kak's paper) was given long ago

Anyone starting out in Indigenous Aryan school makes
attempts, often very amateurish, to classify Dravidian
languages, mainly Tamil whose 2200 years of Sangam literature
 not derivable from Sanskrit texts of that era,
as mere Prakrits.

Swami Vivekananda, Besant, Blavatsky, Ambedkar, Naicker, ...
must be studied closely.

N. Ganesan

Here are some excerpts from her article as quoted by Ambedkar.

"In every nation we find, as the basis of the social Pyramid, a large
class of
people, ignorant, degraded, unclean in language and habits, people who
many tasks which are necessary for Society, but who are despised and
by the very society to whose needs they minister...In India, this class
one-sixth of the total population, and goes by the generic name of the
'Depressed Classes.' It springs from the aboriginal inhabitants of the
country, conquered and enslaved by the Aryan invaders,...The children of
depressed classes need, first of all, to be taught cleanliness, outside
decency of behaviour, and the earliest rudiments of education, religion
morality. Their bodies, at present, are ill-odorous and foul with the
and strong-smelling food out of which for generations they have been
built up;
it will need some generations of purer food and living to make their
fit to sit in the close neighbourhood of a school-room with children who
received bodies from an ancestry trained in habits of exquisite personal
cleanliness, and fed on pure food-stuffs.."

I would like to know if the Theosophists of Indian origin identified
themselves as Aryan in the same manner as Europeans. If they and other
Congress leaders did believe in their Aryanhood, such a thinking might
played a role in the negative attitude to social reform held by Tilak
Congressmen in the early part of the 20th century India.

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