Tea plus salt

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i donotthink the tibetan tea ( if it is similar to Bhutanese tea) has to be
taken immediately.

It has salt and doesnot have to be taken immediately.

In fact weadd salt ( a litlebit) even in tea with milk when we have sore

It doesnot spoill the tea. The quantity ofsalt is very little.

In general salt shoudl not be added to milk preparations.

But in south India, rice ie taken with milk and osme time preparations with
salt are inded added to the same

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>N. Ganesan wrote
>>I do not know if Tibetan Tea has sugar or salt.
>>  Is salt added really? I would think milk
>>  will get spoiled, unless one drinks salty
>>  tea soon after its preparation.
>>  Want to read on the recipes of salty Tibetan tea.
>Well, it's not milk they use, but butter, made of yak-milk. This is a
high-fat type of milk. Butter consists of far more fat than proteins, so
salt doesn't spoil the structure. But you are right as to the moment of
drinking this tea: immediately after its preparation. I guess this has
something to do with the emulsion.
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