The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

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Fri Dec 18 19:54:54 UTC 1998

N Ganesan wrote :

To Mr. Chandra: FYI, I collected  a bibliography of about 17000 Western
languages publications on (South) India and on about 70000 Tamil books. I
write to Indology where Professors whose works I love to read interact and
inform me.  My writings are not intended  to any alt.culture(?)...
newsgroups where kids in 20s whose native language C++ write/fight and
HindutvavAdins are pretty active.
Still waiting to be enlightened on what views N. Ganesan adamantly holding.

Dear Shri Ganesan,

I have, through this medium and in private mails to you, have always
addressed you with respect and have always deferred to your opinion, as you
may be aware from the discussion I had with you about Dravidam meaning
wealth and so forth. But you, in your infinite wisdom of having a "
bibliography of about 17000 Western languages publications on (South) India
and on about 70000 Tamil books", have found it so easy to get so worked up
over such a small thing. It is indeed my misfortune that I cannot trace the
email in which you had made, probably with some humor, a remark that you
were "still adamant enough to hold on to the idea that Aryans entered India
from outside." I just cannot find that email but what I do remember is that
it was pretty short and didn't provide any explanations. That was not a
problem (absence of explanation in that mail) as I, fairly recent to
Indology, was trying to find out more about the Dravidian movement in
India. Having being condemned to being a North Indian Brahmin, I don't
think I can make any remark here without someone frowning. You have not
been untouched by this phenomenon either as in one of your emails, you have
mentioned that "It is interesting that N.Rajaram and Shrikant Talageri are
South Indian Brahmanas." [Letter dated 12/02/98 Sub : RE: Vicious Debate].
Needles to say, no matter what they say, it would always come under a
shadow of doubt as they are the opponents of the AIT whereas you and the
120 years of research are absolutely the benchmark. Should these gentlemen
start saying that they have n number of bibliographies to their credit ? I
was using one aside comment you made in one of your emails to express my
belief. Not to quote you as saying that you were being blindly adamant.
Then someone started something about my "scientific gem of a remark" and
everybody gets so worked up. You can't take criticism well it seems, even
though I wasn't criticising. This In-his-20s C++ speaking Hindutvavadi
never doubted your remarks. I have read each and every one of your emails
and wherever necessary, I have asked you for clarifications, some you have
provided, others, on account of your being busy, you have not. But there is
one thing I do have that you have demonstrated that you lack. And that is
HUMILITY. I think that is a quality that our friends here seem to lack in

RgVedic people <> Aryans because Arya means Noble and apparently conquered
and destroyed the Dravidians !!! Are you convinced now ? But of course,
that was not what I had meant. What I had meant was that to consider the
word Arya which means noble and equate it with a race of people is wrong.
Do we know that the RgVedic Aryans were of one race ? Anyway, don't pick on
small tid-bits and try to fight with someone who posts to alt.culture.(?).
I already consider you a Dramid Vidhwan. Why don't you take it easy.

Ashish Chandra

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