pots, brahmin names, and potters

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> Just to make sure that the reader sees through the potter's 'disguise', the
>  commentary to the Kumbakonam edition of the Mbh (Srimanmahabharatam..., I,
>  Bombay 1906, p. 350) takes care to explain bhArgavavezma (abode of BhRguid)
>  as kulAlagRhaM (house of potter).

In fact, the Tamil villipAratam (mahAbhArata by the poet villi) explicitly
says that the pANDavas arrived at the house of a potter (kulAlan2) in the
following words:

 ....Or kulAlan2atu irukkai cErntAr     (villipAratam 5.21.4)

S. Palaniappan

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