The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

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I read the Times of India piece cited  by Mr. S. N. Subrahmanya.
Interesting piece from Editor's desk on S. Talageri's work.

N. Ganesan

Times of India
9 September 1996

Title : The Aryan Issue
Author : Shrikant G Talageri
Publication : The Times of India
Date : September 9, 1996

If the Indian homeland theory is to be branded a "pet
Hindutva theory", may we call the foreign homeland
theory, supported by Tilak and Savarkar as well as Phadke
and Date, a "pet Brahmin theory"?
Shrikant G Talageri
Our Correspondent replies: Mr Talageri seems to be
needlessly worked up over a single paragraph in my
report. He cannot deny that the main concern of the
Hindutva forces on the Aryans were originally the
inhabitants of India. It is very important to them
politically. I was referring to the Hindutva forces of
today. The view of Tilak and Savarkar cited by Mr
Talageri are irrelevant in this context.

Editor, Times of India.

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