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A small bibliographical detail in the direction of the "Drona connection".

"And there is Daruna (sic! A.K.), the Acharaj, the guru of the Pandavas,
from whom the Acharaj clan, the Brahmans who accept gifts at deaths and
conduct the funerals of the dead, trace their descent. The Kumhars in the
same way reverence their prototype Prajapati, whether this implies some
human or semi-human progenitor, or refers to Brahm, the Lord of Creatures,
the Great Potter who shapes the plastic world". [H.A. Rose, A Glossary of
the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province,
reprinted by Languages Department Punjab 1970, Vol. I, p. 120; more
information on Acharajs and Kumhars in Vol. II].

Rose's "Glossary" was compiled basing on the Census Reports for the Punjab
1883 and 1892 by (respectively) Sir Denzil Ibbetson and Sir Edward
Maclagan. I believe a lot of useful materials can be found in similar works
based on the Census Reports for Bombay, Madras, United Provinces and Bengal.


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