The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

Wed Dec 16 20:08:09 UTC 1998

At 09:54 PM 12/15/98 -0500, Edwin Bryant wrote:
>To be specific, I am looking for ways in which the discourses of common
>Aryan linguistic, cultural and racial ties between the Hindus and
>Europeans were appropriated by Hindus for various agendas, ie, to stress
>Aryan commonality and therefore equality with the British, or to advocate
>Hindu Aryan spiritual superiority over European Aryan materialistic
>decadence, or to acknowledge Hindu Aryan material weakness with a view to
>soliciting assistance from the European Aryan brethren, etc, etc.
It is funny that how the same data can be interpreted differently
and mean different things to various people....
In a message, some time ago, Palaniappan had referred
to Dr.Ambedkars  writings.
The following link might be of interest, to see what
Shrikant Talageri had to say to Times of India.

A Question:  Mallory now uses the term Indo-European Stock
- does that mean that Indo-European refers to something more than
a language family ? or is there something in linguistics about
IE-stock - Could someone please explain ?


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