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The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies invites nominations for the
Best Book in Hindu-Christian Studies, 1997-1999.

At its annual meeting in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion
in 2000, the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies will give the award to a
book published in the time period 1997-1999. To celebrate the winning
book, the Society will sponsor a panel discussion of the book, to which
(if he or she can be present) the author will respond.

The members of the Book Committee are: Francis X. Clooney, S.J. (Boston
College),  committee chair; Laurie Patton (Emory University); Tamal
Krishna Goswami (Cambridge University); Tinu Ruparell (Liverpool Hope
University College) ; Corinne Dempsey (Syracuse University); Sushil Mittal
(University of Florida)

Between now and November 1999, the Society invites nominations for this
award. Standards for nominated books include: 1) publication in 1997,
1998, or 1999;  2) scholarly excellence;  3) the book should be a
distinguished contribution to the field of Hindu-Christian studies,
according to criteria such as the following: a) a comparative study of a
theme in the Hindu and Christian traditions, or of two (or more) thinkers
from those traditions; and/or b) a study which traces some aspect of the
interaction of Hindus and Christians (e.g., in the colonial period, in a
missionary context, in a contemporary setting, inside or outside India);
and/or c) a study in which the author, belonging (religiously and/or
culturally) to either the Hindu or the Christian tradition, reflexively
undertakes a study of some idea, image, ritual, author, text, etc., from
the other tradition, and thus bring it into dialogue with his or her own

Nominations should be sent to Francis X. Clooney, S.J., Chair of the Book
Committee (Theology Department, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-
3806; clooney at bc.edu) no later than November 19th, 1999. (Authors are
welcome to nominate their own books.) Please include some brief indication
of the appropriateness of the book for consideration for the award.
Publishers are urged to send a copy of the book itself.

The committee will make its decision by the spring of 2000, and invite the
author to come to the Society's annual meeting for 2000, in conjunction
with the American Academy of Religion's annual meeting.

At its annual meeting in November, 1997, the Society gave its first book
award, for the years 1994-1996, to Francis X. Clooney, for his _Seeing
through Texts: Doing Theology among the Srivaisnvas of South India_
(SUNY: 1996).

Lance Nelson
Theology & Religious Studies
University of San Diego
lnelson at acusd.edu

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