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N. S. Raja writing on opposites of 'Siva and Avalokita*izvara*:
"one is a hunter, the other saves animals" ...

Avalokita-*izvara* sports an antelope skin;
SimhanAda Avalokitezvara has a trident.
 SadhanamAla (11-12th century) has several avalokitas'
prayers. Avalokitamurtis described are: Nilakanta A.,
 Halahala A., & so on.

Avalokitezvara has the third eye in his forehead, acc. to

In fact, many Chola sculptures have been identified
as 'Siva. But they are really Avalokitezvaras,
one can confirm this by looking at
"the Buddha in the crown".

There is a huge Avalokita-Tara pair at Terur
near Kanyakumari worshipped today as 'Siva-Parvati.
I went inside the garbagrham/karuvaRai to
look at the Buddha in the crown.

N. Ganesan

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