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N. Ganesan wrote:
>>> Is it at the fountainhead of Buddhist Tantra literature,
>>>because Avalokitesvara's important mantra - Om maNi padme hUm -
>>>is explained there. maNi refers to linga of 'Saivism and
>>>padma is yoni (A. Francke, The meaning of Om maNi padme hUm
>>>formula, JRAS, 1915, 0. 397-404.)

B. Thorp wrote:
>>Isn't there a more recent study that explains maNipadme as the
>>vocative of a feminine maNipadmA (as the name of a goddess)?
>>--"O jewel-lotus goddess!" I cannot recall the reference.

  KaaraNDavyUha is on the male deity, avalokitezvara.
Why would Om maNi padme hUm occuring in K. exclusively refer
to the female goddess and not the male deity at all?

  Post 14th century Chinese Buddhism transforms the male
deity, avalokitezvara (the Hindu 'Siva in a Buddhist garb)
into a female goddess, Guanyin. At that time maNipadmaa
may refer to exclusively to a goddess. Is the paper
working from late Chinese suutras of indegenous origin
that have no sanskrit originals? Or, the Tibetan tantras
may have an explanation. However, originally I would guess
that it meant only mani+padma.

  Interested in this reference where maNipadmaa is a
  female divinity rather than a maNi-padma/linga-yoni combo.

N. Ganesan

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