pots, brahmin names, and potters

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<< Dro.na/dro.n_i might have lost its original connection with 'wood' quite

 Despite CDIAL 6641, where Pali don.i_ is explained as "wooden trough" -
 don.i_ seems to denote rather a certain type of vessels ("trough, vat,
 tub"). [Cf. The PTS Pali-English Dictionary, p. 331, where don.i_ "a
 (wooden) trough...] >>

I think this is the case in Dravidian also. DEDR Appendix 45 (IA loans in
Dravidian) lists Ta. ton2n2ai cup made of plantain or other leaf. Ma.donna cup
made out of a leaf, for brahmans to drink pepper-water....Kuwi (F) dunnO,
(Su.) dono id.; (Isr.) Tono cup-like container made of leaves/Turner, CDIAL,
no. 6641, droNa- (e.g. H. donA, Mar. DoNA leaf-cup). Here the material is not

Clearly the inscriptions indicate that the author of the inscription
considered kumbha and droNa were interchangeable.

Can someone explain the accepted IE etymology of droNa? Thanks in advance.

S. Palaniappan

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