Yasas - Sura.

Kevin McGrath kmcgrath at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Dec 9 12:49:58 UTC 1998

Dear Members of the List,

        Does anyone have a sense of the difference between Yazas and
Kiirti, usually both translated as 'Fame'.
        Also, does anyone understand the difference between Zuura and
Viira, both usually translated as 'Hero'.

        My MBH. readings seem to show me that Yazas concerns material
power, whereas Kiirti is more related to report or renown.
        Similarly, Zuura would appear to be more connected with one who
possesses the latter, whilst Viira is more related to Yazas.

        I would be grateful for any comments. Your suggestions about Epic
DAIVAM were all very useful: thank you for these.

                        Kevin McGrath.

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