Urdu and Hindustani

Bal Prasad bprasad at NETCOM.COM
Tue Dec 8 03:04:46 UTC 1998


I apologise for responding again to his blinkered statements, but this
will hopefully be the last one.

-- Samar Abbas enscribed thusly --
> Mahmud of Ghazni may have conquered, but the standard of living in India
> improved due to economic development (this is my opinion, and not accepted

This is like saying that the standard of living of the plantation owners
in the southern US 'improved' after the introduction of slavery. By your
yardstick, the southern African economy too 'improved' after apartheid
was introduced. Or is your perceived 'economic development' (which is
moot) the only yardstick for improvement? Ever bothered to consider
the viewpoint of the victims?


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