zIrSa = gozIrSa?

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 7 19:32:40 UTC 1998

P. L. Vaidya, mahAyAna sUtra saMgraha.
Buddhist Sanskrit texts Nr. 17,
267.22; 295.7, 305.9 refers to KaaraNDavyUha.

A rhetorical question is asked in those instances:
It is ever possible to count the leaves
in a forest of zIrSa trees, but it's
impossible to reckon Avalokitezvara's

gozIrSa is sandalwood in many texts.
Please note that Avalokita's residence is Potalaka
and many sources place it in Malaya range
known for candana trees in ancient texts.

Then, is zIrSa a contraction of gozIrSa
in kaaraNDavyUha?

N. Ganesan

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