Urdu and Hindsutani

Ashish Chandra achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM
Mon Dec 7 15:55:33 UTC 1998

Samar Abbas wrote :

        I apologize for his language. It is to be hoped that he phases out his
use of such vulgarities in his postings. He is also advised to use
scientific methods and arguments.

It is very good that Mr. Abbas hopes to maintain his "civility" but it's
clearly "scholars" like him who would beat the drum of Brahminical
fanatisicm whilst ignoring the misdeed of his ancestral liberators. I think
he well knows that his view is a minority view in India (which ofcourse
does not make it wrong automatically). What you are seeking to do is to say
that Sanskrit did not exist before 500 B.C. What are you scientific methods
anyway ?

        Most indologists agree in calling the few centuries preceding the Delhi
Sultanate as a `dark age'. This was after the fall of the mighty empries
of the Mauryas and Guptas, after the Huns had invaded India. Many features
of post-Gupta society are considered barbaric by many. Thus they were in a
sense liberators.

Who are these Indologists  pray say ? I would definitely like to know the
opinion of these experts who share the view that Bharat was in a disarray
and so the invaders from West Asia came and liberated us. In so doing, so
what if we had to pay the price of getting our temples broken and our women
raped and Hindu ritualism almost vanish from everyday social life ? Please
tell me who these experts are. And who did these Muslim invaders liberate.
Maybe made India a home for the Turks and the Afghans and the Bukharis.
Next label that you are going to force me to wear is that of a Hindu
fundamentalist. Well, I would not give you that pleasure and wear it even
as I write this mail.

You can see Samar that I have taken you advice very well about following
scientific methods. And maybe, just to confirm your doubts about me, I am a
Brahmin too.

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