pANini's inspiration and dakSiNAmurti

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Mon Dec 7 17:01:47 UTC 1998

You must mean R. Nagasamy, I guess.

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 Lakshmi Srinivas wrote:
R Nagarajan while discussing Appar's poetry says that both
dakshiNAmUrti and vINAdhara dakshiNAmUrti  are generic puranic
references. Refer Siva Bhakti by R Nagarajan, Navrang Publ., New
Delhi, 1989. (p 39). The purana that is refered here is LingapurANa.

Hope this helps.

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PS: BTW, there is a similar reference to dakshinamurti in the
Divyaprabandham too:

neRivAcal tAnEyAyninRanai aindu
poRivAcal pOrkkadavam cArtti aRivAnAm
AlamaranIzal aRam nAlvarkkanRuraitta
Alamamarkandattaran.  (poy.   div. 2085)

 It is remarkable as it is one of the few benign references to Siva in
the entire Vaishnava canon ;-)))

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