On a bit of Internet satire

Jadranka Schauer nimfa-promet at ZG.TEL.HR
Mon Dec 7 04:54:00 UTC 1998

It is natural saying that is made-up, but there is nothing wrong in
saying. Just like, guru is not a guru if he is not teaching spiritual
knowledge, so acarya is acarya if he is not teaching us Veda.

"You should  go to a guru who has complete knowledge from  the  sruti.
Sruti means Vedas. Acarya am purusah veda. Veda means you have to
approach acarya. He knows everything. Unless he is not  followers of
the  Vedas, sruti, he's a rascal. What is the  use  of  going there?
What you'll get by approaching a so-called  rascal  guru? One  who  does
not know sruti. Therefore Srila Rupa  Gosvami  has forbidden.  Sanatana
Gosvami has forbidden. Avaisnava  puto  hari kathamrtam sravanam na
kartavyam. Because sravanam, sruti...To
go to  guru  means  to  hear from him,  to  inquire  from  him.

(c) 1991 by Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

Yours, Yashoda devi dasi

Bapa Rao wrote:

> >P.S. Who is the real Veda Acharya?
> I would guess that Veda Acharya is a made-up name.
> Regards,
> Bapa Rao
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