SV: Against Aryan Invasions

Sat Dec 5 15:39:29 UTC 1998

>Samar Abbas wrote:
>>   You have questioned the relevance of my repost of Ved Acharya's
>> Ved Acharya's views are NOW BEING TAUGHT IN INDIAN SCHOOLS. Yes,
>> - "Homer and Shakespeare copied Sanskrit classics" is now taught in UP
>>    schools, and forms part of the syllabus
>> - "Germans and Anglo-Saxons are emigrants from the Indus Valley." is also
>>    taught to kids.
>> - "Out-of-Africa is wrong, the Aryans evolved in India" is also taught.
>> - "Dravidian and Indo-European languages are derived from Sanskrit" are
>>    also taught.
>>   These were recently introduced into the syllabi of UP schools, and an
>> attempt is being made to introduce these teachings into all Indian
>> textbooks.

What kind of evidence are the above based on? This seems to be another kind
of baseless theory? If this is being taught in Indian schools, the students
are the losers. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Veering off topic, in most videos on evolution (of course these are backed
by years of research and renowned scientists) out of Africa the early man is
always dark with no sharp features (i.e., more negroid)  whereas the modern
man is fair, tall, sharp featured (i.e., more caucasian). To me these
programs seem to be spreading a subtle message that negroid=less evolved.
Has anyone noticed this? Does it bother you?

Sujatha Stephen

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