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Fri Dec 4 23:04:51 UTC 1998

Samar Abbas writes:

>> You have the gall to call the invaders "liberators" ? How dare you.
> Most indologists agree in calling the few centuries preceding the
Delhi Sultanate as a `dark age'. This was after the fall of the mighty
empries of the Mauryas and Guptas, after the Huns had invaded India.
Many features of post-Gupta society are considered barbaric by many.
Thus they were in a sense liberators.>>

My dear Samar, I am genuienly confused now...It is true that the Gupta
period is called the "Golden Age of the Guptas" but which historian
has classified the few centuries preceding the Delhi sultanate as
"The Dark ages"? What exactly do you have in mind when you say "features
of post-Gupta period were considered barbaric"? If, by barbaric, you are
refering to the ravages of worthies like Mahmud of Ghazni, then I would
agree:-)...About the only place where I have seen something along the
lines of the stuff you have written is in Nehru's "Glimpses of World
History", but then Nehru can hardly be called an interpreter of


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