Vicious Debate

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 4 16:46:24 UTC 1998

*Do you think that the Indian scholars will gain anything
*financially or politically ?  They are honest people
*as well - why is it ok to accuse them of politics.
*They are as interested in knowing the truth about
*India's past as anyone else.

 I too am busy on a forthcoming visit to Japan. However ...

 *What about the class interests of Indian "scholars"
 pushing Indigenous Aryanism to Indian masses?*

 The major difference between Western academic publications
 and Indigenous Aryan propaganda is that Western books
 are too expensive, and do not reach people
 whose numbers are never more than few hundred.

 Compare this to:
 Max Mueller's mistakes are debunked daily to
 Indian masses running to few hundred MILLIONS.

 N. Ganesan

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