need of True Type Devanagari fonts

Mariana caixeiro flmolina at UEVORA.PT
Thu Dec 3 21:36:20 UTC 1998

Dear colleagues

    I would like to get some information on places and ways to acquire True Type
fonts to write Sanskrit and Hindi and another true type font to write this
languages in roman alphabet.
    I have been a Mac user but  know I had to change to Windows. I got a set of
Devanagari fonts for Mac but now I need another for Windows 95/98 and also a set
of fonts based on Times type that allows me to write all diacritical marks using
Shift, Ctrl e Alt.
I tried to get a font from Theosophical University Press but they do not accept
credit cards which is not practical at all for persons living in South of Europe.

Thank you I would appreciate your information and help

Mariana Cândida Caixeiro
School of  Languages
University of  Evora

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