Aryan and Non-Aryan

Ashish Chandra achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM
Thu Dec 3 19:40:14 UTC 1998

N. Ganesan wrote :

Social reformers in the South have been calling for reforms within
Hinduism. That is, Priesthood and Sankaracharyaship should become available
for any Hindu, not for a particular group determined just by birth. For
Hinduism to become modern, the only qualifications  to be a priest or a
Sankaracharya, must be 1) be a Hindu and 2) be proficient in Samskrit and
few more Indian languages.

I could not agree more. In fact, one should take process a step further and
base the interpretation of caste purely as our scriptures define them, i.e.
not by birth but intellectual/physical inclinations. There is no need for
people like Mulayam Singh Yadav to be considered a backward caste just as a
so-called forward caste can't be one just by being born into one of the
Traivarnikas. A Brahmin engaged in trade is not a Brahmin anymore and
should not consider himself as such. Of course, this process will take
decades if not centuries but it is an ideal well chosen and based on our
own scriptures.


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