SV: SV: Vicious Debate

Thu Dec 3 20:39:45 UTC 1998

I am sure that many people on this list are tired of this
whole Aryan/Indo-European thing - and so am I - we can
pick it up again sometime in the future.
There is no point in restating the same views from both sides,
and we have more important things to do as well.

Lars wrote..
>Would you please enlighten me?
I am afraid, I cannot give you instant moksha at this time :)

But, let me give the next best thing -- a quote

"....But, the most powerful reason which has kept this
 theory [i.e IE homeland] alive is that the vast majority
of the scholars interested in the subject were Europeans,
and the idea that their ancestors could have come from
another region simply did not occur to them.......
Perhaps the time has come to wrench 'Indo European'
prehistory out of the century old scholarly ruts......"

Pretty strong indictment, eh ?
Guess...who wrote it ?


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