Is the Aryan Invasion a Myth?

H.M.Hubey hubeyh at MONTCLAIR.EDU
Thu Dec 3 16:59:23 UTC 1998

Vidhyanath Rao wrote:
> p151., col 2 para 3: ``The horse chariot ... Sintasha cemetry had
> two wheels with ten spokes each (fig 8.20) In the ancient Near East
> most chariots continued to have only four spokes until aboput 1400 BC.
> Thus the chariotry of the early Andronovo of the northern steppes
> was more advanced.'' Note the ``thus''.

Russian cars built for Siberia were better for cold climates. The
concept of the Greek trireme came from the Assyrian direme which was
an improvement over the single layer boats. To my mind the direme was
a bigger invention. After seeing two decks, thinking of 3 decks is not
hard. Adding extra spokes for rough riding over the steppes doesn't say
much about levels of technology. Cities had things like roads and it
was probably not necessary to have 10 spokes. This is like comparing a
4 wheel drive against a Maserati and concluding the jeep is more

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