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Thu Dec 3 16:16:18 UTC 1998

Dear Indologists,

The Indology list has an excellent memory in the form of a searchable
archive. Look what i found there: my own previous message on
attachments. The problem is ancient and it is a joke that the Microsoft
helpdesk can not solve it. My posting presupposes that the sender of the
unintended attachments uses MS Outlook or Outlook Express as email
client. The problem is that this program likes to send formatting
options in email-messages to other users of the program. As I also use
Windows messaging, Mr Fosse's mails are beautifully laid out. For those
who read e-mail as it should be: without formatting, plain ASCII, the
formatting is send in the form of an attached file in RTF-format. The
producer of attachments should turn the option of sending RTF-files off
in his Address Book, or in the options tabel of the Internetmail
service. then he will only send plain ASCII (or ANSI in some cases) as
email, without attachments.

The suggestion of using more straightforward mail clients like Eudora
and Pegasus for discussion lists is absolutely useful. Use the fancy
stuff for private e-mail, it only takes up bandwidth.

Greetings and good luck
Thomas de Bruijn

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On Sat, 4 Jul 1998 22:42:52 -0500 you wrote:
>Windows Messaging. I write my postings with the Compose >command (Reply
>Sender), then I send it to outbox, and from there to the server. The
>attachment may be of the following character

To all attachment-valas,
By default Outlook sends the text of an e-mail-message together with an
RTF-file of the same as an attachment. You have to specify in your
Adressbook for each entry that you do not want to send RTF format
messages. Uncheck the box with this option. This is one of the ways
Micro$oft makes you aware that you have not bought their stuff. I.m.h.o.

Outlook is one of the worst e-mail clients around, most freeware
programs such as Eudora Lite and Pegasus are much more easy to use.

Thomas de Bruijn

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