SV: Vicious Debate

Thu Dec 3 14:58:04 UTC 1998

In response to Dr.Zydenbos:

I do not have an inclination to get into arguments over this issue
and am sure that you arent also.
I do however have to briefly respond because your arguments were most

If you had a fair mind - you would have pointed out the viciousness
in the attacks against Indian scholars, like BB.Lal and others.
Just go thru the Indology archives when you get the time.

Also, look up the Indo-Aryans of South Asia, edited by Erdosy.
You will find numerous attacks on Indian scholars for their views
and attributing policital motives. Mallory calls Gamkrelidze and
Ivanov "idiosyncratic" and then attributes political motives
to Indian scholars who argue that there was no Aryan invasion/migration.
I would also suggest that you talk to Herr Zimmer(Univ of Bonn)
about viciousness.

I find it amazing that people are so eager and willing to attribute
political motives against Indian scholars, but do not have the
courage to look at their own motives and prejudices.

As for your comments about Swami Vivekananda - I think that they
do not even merit a response. Remember the time when Swamiji
was writing, the late 19th century, a time when "race sciences" were the in
Swamiji was far ahead of his time and does not have to be defended.
that Swami Vivekananda was a religious reformer, compare what Swami
wrote to what Christian missionaries were writing at that time and you can
your own judgement.

Once again, Please, atleast take some time to read the various current views
on the so called Indo-European people and the PIE homeland, before arguing
that everything has been decided and agreed upon.


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