SV: Vicious Debate

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Wed Dec 2 19:51:49 UTC 1998

Hello again,

you are of course perfectly right. This sort of interplay is crucial to
understanding Indigenous Aryanism. Knee-jerk usually follows upon knee-jerk.
But I don't claim to know the final answer to this history of knee-jerks. I am
looking into it and trying to piece it together. What matters to me is not just
"private" jingoism - whereever it is - but above all the fact that a political
movement "adopts" a past, or a new version of the past, as part of its official
ideology. And seen from that point of view, the Indigenous Aryanism is a
knee-jerk reaction to Dravidian jingoism. Which does not rule out the fact that
the Tamils had good reasons for jerking their own knees! :-)

Lars Martin

BTW, I have not forgotten your question earlier today. But please give me some
time. I have to think a bit.

> Dear Lars,
>   I would rather say that Dravidian jingoism/chauvinism
>   of the early 20th century is a knee-jerk reaction to
>   what the West was doing.

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