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 Subrahmania wrote:

> By focussing and looking at only the Indian people, there is a tendency
> to label and attribute motives. Why isnt anyone looking at the German
> interest in Indian studies ? Is it because somehow that Germans and European
> scholars in general do not have any biases and only Indians do ?

You should read Sheldon Pollock's paper on this subject:

        Deep Orientalism? Notes on Sanskrit and Power Beyond the Raj.
        In: Orientalism and the Postcolonial Predicament. Perspectives on
        South Asia. Ed. Carol A. Breckenridge and Peter van der Veer.
        University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia 1993.

Pollock deals with German Indology. Trautmann, of course, deals with British
prejudice in his book on "Aryans and the British", which I am sure you know.

As you will see, a number of Europeans and Americans are aware of Western

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