Vicious Debate

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The point I was trying to make was that just as the Arabs took the Hindu
numerals from India and the Europeans took it from them, does it prove that
the Arabs came from India or that the modern day Europeans are actually
Arabs ? Why is Mouse a "Musa" but Tiger is "Vyagraha" ? Ashvaha and Horse ?
Why is there a difference ? Needless to say that there has been interaction
between different cultures over the centuries but it does not prove that a
whole people migrated.


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* The word "Musa" in Sanskrit is "Mouse" in English : So
* What ? But anyway, that's really beside the point.

  This relationship is one of the main concerns in
  historical linguistics.

*Well, that is their opinion. What [..] Bharatiyas should know is that
*mindless text-torturing is irrelevant and undesirable. What's
*important is not the origin of who wrote the Vedas but what is in
* them.

  For historians of religion and others who study ancient
  cultures, this origin question is very important.

N. Ganesan

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