Vicious Debate

Wed Dec 2 16:35:25 UTC 1998

At 10:59 AM 12/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>The "indigenous Aryan" debate has a tendency to get vicious for a very
>simple reason.  For people of Indian origin, this issue has close
>connections with their own perceptions of their identiy.
This may be partially true.

But,I must say that it is the Europeans who have had more problems
with perceptions about their identity - especially with their jewish
heritage and religion.
Thankfully, more scholars in the U.S  are realizing that as well.

By focussing and looking at only the Indian people, there is a tendency
to label and attribute motives. Why isnt anyone looking at the German
interest in Indian studies ? Is it because somehow that Germans and European
scholars in general do not have any biases and only Indians do ?

Why should it be - that it is always the Indian people who should be
observed and the Europeans the observers ?
It is high time that the motives of eurocentric academics be studied and
commented upon.

Again,I repeat, please look up the Spring/Summer98 issue of JIES to see
who has identity problems. It is European academia that is paranoid about
the so called
Indo-European people - because of obvious identity questions.

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