On avoiding attachments

Das Devaraj das at NETCOM.COM
Wed Dec 2 05:40:49 UTC 1998

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Jacob Baltuch wrote:

> Since this seems to be a particularly tough nut to crack
> maybe someone who's had to deal with such problems before
> can volunteer some help to Lars?

Not necessarily a step by step solution to that particular problem,
but a more general answer.

- Get a "shell" account with your ISP.  Then use the free
  software program "pine" a program developed by University of
  Washington.  This email is composed using the above setup.
  Advantages: Even an ancient computer with a modem will do.
  Also, you do not have to download the mail to your PC.

  Till this year, I have used a fully loaded "286 PC" to read
  mail, off and on!  (used to get 500+ emails most days)
  PINE is a very simple program to use. (there is also a PC pine)

- May be you are into fancy graphics and run MS products (95/NT/DOS)
  or Macintosh
  Install "Pegasus mail" a free, incredibly powerful and easy to
  use mailer.  See http://pmail.usa.com  All the above platforms
  and more supported.  In addition to English, is available
  (supposedly) in Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German,
  Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish - no Sanskrit, so far

- Use the email program that comes with Netscape Navigator.
  (also freely(?) available)

  If you don't fall into any of these categories - well, you can
  move into one of these categories.  If you use anything else,
  make sure that the program (at least basically) understands and
  complies with RFC822 (Internet standard for emails).


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