human sacrifice and death penalty

Tue Apr 28 21:40:54 UTC 1998

The other day I was glancing an on-flight magazine on glossy paper.

Louis 14th (or 16th?), husband of Marie Antoinette, was guillotined
during French revolution. The details of that day and the final
words of the King. The magnificient words went something like this:

1) I am not guilty for these charges;
2) I pardon those who are doing this crime;
(May be he does this due to habit)
3) Pray that in the future, France, my beloved nation, will never see
    horror like this.

After the end of the Poligar wars, around 1805-1815 A.D.,
British hanged those against them. Two brothers,
Periya and Chinna Marudu Servai who served Kattabommu recorded some
final statements. Dr. N. Sanjivi, Univ. of madras, once published them.
Those words are pretty powerful too.

N. Ganesan

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