human sacrifice (allusion to Abraham)

Sun Apr 26 15:55:52 UTC 1998

I think that most of things written below are well-known to
to most of the indologists. It is mainly written for the benifit
of those who are not aware of these things.

Hindus are a very very loosely bound set of people, consisting of groups
belonging to various denominations whose practices range from extremely
sublime to utterly repulsive and ghastly. Some of these denominations have
practices which produce utter revulsion. This is perhaps the strength as
well as the weakness of Hinduism. There is NO RPEAT NO central authority
to control and regulate them.

In the worship of god there are two paths called dakSinAcAra ( also
known as samayAcAra) and vAmAcAra. These can be translated as dextrous
and sinister and can be thought to roughly corrrespond to what westerners
call white magic and black magic. This division is there in saiva, vaiSNava
as well as SAkta denominations. The vAmAcAra practices are condemned
by the dakSiNAcAra adhearents. vAmAcAra can be thought as the legacy of
the primitive or tribal past. What I want to bring to your notice is that
there is opposition to the vAmAcAra practices from the majority of the
Hindus. vAmAcAra is considered as beyond the pale of vedic religion. Human
sacrifice is a vAmAcAra practice.

Blaming all Hindus for these practices will as meaningless as blaming
all christians for the practices of Mormons.



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