Sanskritists in Australia

Sun Apr 26 13:01:10 UTC 1998


One of the students who has just completed my first-year Sanskrit
course is planning to be in Australia next year in a relatively
small town without a university. Although her plan is to take a
year away from her studies in general, she does wish to continue
working on her Sanskrit. She has been a strong student so far, and
I am eager to see her continue. She asked me if I could help her
locate a Sanskrit tutor in Australia with whom she could work through
correspondence. So if you are an Australian Sanskritist or advanced
student of the language and have an interest in helping a visiting
Canadian for a year, please get in contact with me directly, and I
shall forward the information to her. By the way, the text she learned
from is Maurer's textbook, and we have progressed up through lesson
Richard Hayes rhayes at

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