'Oldest Dam' Found

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'Oldest Dam' Found

April 25, 1998

The archaeological department has found the 5,000-year-old
remains of one of the biggest man-made reservoirs, near
Dholavira village in the border district of Kutch, Gujarat,

According to archaeological department Superintendent Y M
Chittalwala, the discovery was a rare one which could unfold
the mysteries of the pre-historic era and about the
civilisations of that time.

As the Dholavira village area had no known river around it, the
dam seems to have served the requirements of the people there.
Its 32 steps and a portion of the high wall indicates an
advanced technology the local people had developed for
preserving rain water, Chittalwala added.

Dholavira is in the middle of the desert which had once
fostered pre-historic and Mohanjodaro civilisations.

Source - UNI quoted at  http://www.rediff.com/news/1998/apr/25dam.htm

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