Sun Apr 26 00:51:38 UTC 1998


N. Ganesan wrote:

*Can a member of Indology check whether Kalidasa uses
*a theme/motif of "Gentle Breeze from Southern mountains
*tormenting separated lovers"? May be in a Kalidasa

*Also, does this occur anywhere else other than
*Giita Govindam?

Dr. R. H. Koch wrote:

     Is this different from what is given below? If so,
     I am very interested to know.

     BTW, I found a very matching theme in kaavyadarsha.

     Many thanks,
     N. Ganesan

Dr. S. McClintok wrote
*Verse 47 of the Uttaramegha of the Meghaduuta reads as follows (apologies
*for not supplying the Sanskrit -- I do not have access to it at the moment;
*the translation is one that I did many years ago when studying Sanskrit
*with Jim Benson). Although the verse does not indicate torment
*specifically, it is set within the wider context of the torment of
*separation (viraha).

*"I embrace, o excellent one, the southern blowing Himaalayan breezes, which
*split at once the pods of the shoots of the Devadaaru pine trees and are
*redolent with their milky sap, thinking that they might well have touched
*your body earlier." Meghaduuta 2.47

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