Leiden plates, other inscriptions, and potters

Sat Apr 25 12:14:45 UTC 1998

Could the accountant caste (karNiigar) in Tamil have come into
being from potters? This seems a possiblity because potters should
have been the one of the first to write. All over south India, inscriptions
on pot sherds are found in megalithic burials.

CEnaavaraiyar, the medieval commentator on Tolkaappiyam has a nice
story to tell on potters and accountants. Does this point to
common origins? It is true that vELaan2 are the major signatories
in Chola inscriptions.

Are the Indus seals done by potters? In post-Vedic times,
did these people with writing skills join priesthood?!

N. Ganesan

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