Looking into the Future

Fri Apr 24 20:27:54 UTC 1998

        An Inspired Look into the Future

 Didn't Shashi Tharoor write the Great Indian Novel,
  remaking the Mahabharata?

 Hearty welcome to Cervantes, Jr or R. K. Narayan, Jr.
  yet to be born who will write on
  what Indians did when they heard that
  after all, Aryans entered India from outside.

 Inspiration comes from an ancient Tamil poem -
  In the Chola country, many fields on the banks of
  the fertile Kaveri can be gifted;
  In the Pandyan kingdom, special pearls adorning
  the headress of Meenakshi can be donated;
  In the Chera courts, famed elephants with big tusks
  roaming the Western Ghats can be granted.

 Nowadays, all one can do is to promote
  the newly emeging book.

 N. Ganesan

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