human sacrifice and death penalty

Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EAST.UIO.NO
Fri Apr 24 09:03:44 UTC 1998

Jean Fezas wrote (I give only a part of his message):
>Manu (VIII.317) already tells us that "Men who, after having committed sins
>have been punished by kings go to heaven without being stained, just like
> good men having accomplished good actions"... See how rAma uses this
> zloka to justify the murder of vAlin, in Ram. 4.18.
>rAjabhir dhRta-daNDAs tu kRtvA pApAni mAnavAH /
>nirmalAH svargam Ayanti santaH sukRtino yathA //
About this topic see now a major article written by Albrecht Wezler: "Der
Tod als Mittel der Entsuehnung (gemaess dem DharmazAstra)", in: G.
Oberhammer (ed.): Im Tod gewinnt der Mensch sein Selbst. Wien: Verlag der
oesterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1995 (= Oest. Ak. d. Wiss.,
Phil.-hist. Kl., Sb. 624), p. 97-140.

        Georg v. Simson

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