An apology(Was:Aryan Invasion theory disproved??)

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 23 21:51:05 UTC 1998

This post is in connection with the ruckus earlier in the day as a
result of Mr Harshavardhana Vedak posting an email intended for personal
consumption and not for general consumption:

  I offer my heartfelt apologies to Messrs Subrahmanya,Kalyanaraman and
Kak. MAny of the comments were unintended in the form in which they came
out; while I certainly have disagreed with these gentlemen in the past,
I respect their views and would have not used the kind of
colorful verbiage that has appeared in the post.

  I was writing to a certain Dr Alak Bose(who does not appear on
Indology list) in connection with a person who has been bombarding  the
two of us with hate- mail in connection with a different group. I was
describing this person with the epithets used in the mail that appeared
above. The epithets there were NOT intended  to apply to
Messrs Subrahmanya, Kalyanaraman or Kak but to the creature who has been
sending me and Dr Bose mail.

  It was at this time that I noticed the mail from Mr Vedak and was
concerned by the fact that he was refering to people in not too
complimentary a fashion , more critical because some of the people
actually appear on INDOLOGY group. I was therefore trying to caution him
of the danger of writing things that may be interpreted as being
insulting to people and in the process gave him some background on who
the principal characters were. It turned out that the mailing mechanism
garbled the two messages( sent in quick succession) and mixed them up;
what was sent to Mr Vedak as PERSONAL mail contained parts of the two
messages as was the case with what reached Dr Bose.

   I was therefore horrified to see Mr Vedak's reply sent to me( which
is how I came to know about the mix-up), what absolutely mortified me
was the fact that it had been ( for whatever reason) made completely
public!!!! I am responsible for atleast starting( even with good
intentions) this tragedy of errors; I however do wish that Mr Vedak had
been a little more careful in examining the header and observe the
usual rules about netiquette and not reply to the group at large.

  I hope that this explains the reason( from my side) for  your seeing
the very ungentelmanly and rather uncouth posting that you may have
earlier in the day; I again apologize to Messrs Subrahmanya,
Kalyanaraman and Kak for the mess that has been created. I reassure the
gentlemen that the posting did not apply to them and request them to the
overlook the same; I also reiterate that situations of this kind will be
avoided in the future. I would like to apologize specially for all the
grevious personal  and character damage that has been done to them as a
result of the posting. I request their indulgence and forgive me for the
peculiar circumstances that have led to this very embarrassing

Most regretfully,

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