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N Ganesan wrote:

>Can a member of Indology check whether Kalidasa uses
>a theme/motif of "Gentle Breeze from Southern mountains
>tormenting separated lovers"? May be in a Kalidasa index.

Verse 47 of the Uttaramegha of the Meghaduuta reads as follows (apologies
for not supplying the Sanskrit -- I do not have access to it at the moment;
the translation is one that I did many years ago when studying Sanskrit
with Jim Benson). Although the verse does not indicate torment
specifically, it is set within the wider context of the torment of
separation (viraha).

"I embrace, o excellent one, the southern blowing Himaalayan breezes, which
split at once the pods of the shoots of the Devadaaru pine trees and are
redolent with their milky sap, thinking that they might well have touched
your body earlier." Meghaduuta 2.47

I hope this helps.

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