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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 22 05:18:31 UTC 1998

REgarding all this discussion about child-sacrifice in India, I would
like to point out that while I have no problems with discussion , I
found the tone of the original question a trifle mischevious..It
said something like "Is this a common event in India?" A person who is
Indian and has stayed in India( or atleast has friends in India) should
no better than to ask such malicious questions!!!

  The good gentleman who asked the question quoted a mail from a friend
in Mumbai and then asked members to tell him if this is common;
I would have emailed the friend( who originally sent in the information)
for the neccesary information instead of plaguing an academic group with
such cheap, sensational stuff.

  It is bad enough that we have people with a mischevious mentality in
our midst, what I find even more ghastly is the fact that three nettors
are actually cheer-leading such despicable tripe by actually taking the
trouble of answering the question!

  It must be remembered that in a country with India's population, there
will always be a few loonies who will act crazy for reasons of their
own. Playing up such psycopathic behaviour on this newsgroup is simply
not in bad taste, IT POSITOVELY SUCKS!!! The least we can do is NOT to
take the bait and bring this group to the "academic" level of
televangelist Pat Robertson's raves and rants against India and

  Would the good gentleman who started it all please investigate and
inform us as to how frequent killing one's own children  and
grandchildren is in SAudi Arabia( where even the royal family indulges
in the *sport*) and Pakistan, where quite a few incidents go unreported
in Pakistani newspapers. Would he please work out the reason(s) there
and account for the much higher percentage of deaths in those countries
before asking such extraordinarily irritating questions on INDOLOGY

  I am very surprised to see that the net-police have not taken note of
the "un-Indological nature" of the question and pour water on the fire
before it spreads! My only request to the net-police( in case they bash
me up) is to point out the malice and mischief in the original question
and ask them to root out the cause before they can take action against
the effect.


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