canon of "Saiva Siddhaanta

Dominic Goodall dominic.goodall at WOLFSON.OXFORD.AC.UK
Mon Apr 20 15:10:44 UTC 1998

In my recent message I forgot to mention that, though there are no
complete translations into English of any of the old Siddhaantatantras,
there is a complete translation into French of the M.rgendratantra:---

Michel Hulin <M.rgendraagama, Sections de la Doctrine et
du Yoga, avec la v.rtti de Bha.t.tanaaraaya.naka.n.tha et la diipikaa
d'Aghora"sivaacaarya>  Pondicherry: French Institute, 1980.
He'le`ne Brunner-Lachaux <M.rgendraagama, Section des Rites et Section du
Comportement avec la v.rtti de Bha.t.tanaaraaya.naka.n.tha>
Pondicherrry: French Institute 1985.

Dominic Goodall.

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