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Dear Dominique:
I noticed in the Sunday Newspapers today that your book The Roots of
Ayurveda is listed among the best sellers under the "non-fiction category".
Hearty congratulations!
        Thanks for sounding  a warning  to some honourable members bringing
in unwarranted political discourse into Indology which has no interest in
it. Best regards, Bh.K.

At 15:27 19/04/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Thank you, Gentlemen, for your information.
>However, the INDOLOGY discussion group will best serve the causes of free
>speech, open thought, and liberal government by remaining focussed on
>scholarly matters concerning the discovery and interpretation of
>pre-modern Indian history, language, and culture.
>Please, please refrain from using INDOLOGY for political or ideological
>debate.  There are many forums for such matters, but few for the sorts of
>academic, university-level discussion of Indian history, language, and
>culture for which INDOLOGY was founded.
>If we show no restraint in this matter, we will bring the INDOLOGY forumn
>into disrepute.  There are already many people who do not read INDOLOGY
>because it carries too much slack argumentation not based on scholarly
>canons.  I consider the signal-to-noise ration to be still high enough for
>the forum to be a serious and valuable contribution to indologists, but it
>is sometimes a close call.
>Please keep the discussion to matters to do with the scholarly
>interpretation of Indian culture, history, language, and art.  Computer
>matters bearing directly on promoting indology, and indological job
>advertisements, book announcements, and lecture/seminar/course information
>is also welcome.
>Thank you.
>Dominik Wujastyk
>Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
>183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, England.
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>email: d.wujastyk at
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