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In a few short days I actually defend the dissertation which so many of
you have helped me in finding obscure passages, wrestling with accent,
etc.  To the list in general, my thanks once again.  To those of you
who've been repeatedly of service, I will be sending you complimentary

Now, as you may guess, I have another request to float.  I have been
intrigued by the paucity of occasions where puruSa is used in RV 9 (with
the penchant for phonetic play on the root --puu/purify [cf. Elizarenkova,
1995: 129], I expected to find puruSa at least several times).  In fact,
it is largely absent from the SV as well, both KSV and JSV.

Only KSV 3.4.3; 3.4.3; 3.4.5, and 3.4.9 all are purported to have puruSa.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I've not managed to sufficiently master the
numbering system to FIND them.  These, and JSV 2.3.6; 2.3.7; 2.3.8; 2.4.1;
2.4.1; and 2.4.3 are the only occasions of puruSa in the SV according to
V. Bandhu's VaidikapaadanukramakoSaH (VVRI pub).  In addition, these are
not hymns which are found in the RV.  I've not been able to get my WWW
internet from home to work lately, so I've not looked at the new e-text of
KSV by A. Pandey <>.

If someone could bear to e-mail me ITRANS versions of these KSV passages,
I would be most grateful-- especially a few lines just before and just
after the requested ones so I can get some sort of perspective on what the
actual section is about when I do my translation.  Knowing the context for
the passage is, of course, quite important.

As ever, many kind thanks in advance, and the respondent may consider
themselves added to the "free copy of dissertation" list once it's
defended and revised later this month.  As usual, I'm pressing to a
deadline (I try every means at my disposal before I ask the list, hence by
that time, I'm in the proverbial 11th hour . . . ).

with best wishes and many tyia's


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