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>Dear Members,
>Does anyone have any idea about if this is some regular practice or a
>single incident?
>I Omar
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>Are we living in the dark ages / pre-historic times ?
>Family sacrifices father, eats his flesh at Kali puja
>In Varanasi, Ram
>Sevak Chowhan's family beheaded him, ate his flesh and
>danced around with his
>blood smeared on their body. They also chopped off the tongues of his two
>Rajiv Mallikarjun

I read some years ago in The Economist (I think) that about a 100 people
were "sacrificed" in India every year. Considering that India has a
population of about 900 million people, I think the right reference here is
not "history of religion" but psychopathology. Compare weird religious acts
in Christian extremist sects, as well as other non-Christian extreme sects
in the West.

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