Dikshitar Days

Fri Apr 10 19:55:31 UTC 1998

Enjoying the insightful articles of Tamil history from the able
writings of Prof. Jan Filipsky, Czech Republic.
These tell a lot about the social, political, economic
backdrop of MuttusvAmi Dikshitar days.

1) Filipsky, Jan, History Motivated: Historical Ballads in Tamil, In:
Mariola Offredi (ed.), Language Versus Dialect; Linguistic and Literary
Essays on Hindi, Tamil and Sarnami, Manohar, Delhi 1990, pp. 113-126

2) Do., The Story of Kattabomman: Folk Hero-Worship and Nationalist Myth,
In: Jiri Prosecky (ed.), Ex pede pontis. Papers presented on the occasion of
the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Oriental Institute Prague,
Prague 1992, pp. 35-46

3) Do., Freebooters or Patriots? The Poligar Chieftains of 18th Century
Tamilnadu, Archiv orientalni (Praha), 60, 1992, pp. 43-56

4) Do., Establishing the Company Raj in the Carnatic: Revenue Assignment of
1781-1785, Archiv orientalni, 61, 1993, pp. 261-272

N. Ganesan

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